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What is ‘logic’? Logic is when you take someone’s philosophy, think about his theory and distinguish good from bad reasoning. If I had a secret of my success in bodybuilding now I have passed it to you. It is easier said than done thrust me and most times because of too much excitement, lack of deep thinking or discipline we end up going backwards or if lucky stay in the same place.

Gaining muscle or losing fat doesn’t matter what age or gender is nothing different then getting your driving licence for the first time or preparing for a degree in University. It is all about knowing what the basic rules are and sticks to them. If you be consistent and do the work there is no reason why you shouldn’t reach your goals. On the other hand if you have been consistent and did all the work and you have not achieved what you aimed for, then the system (philosophy) you are following is unproductive.

I have been lifting weights for over 24 years. I had my ups and downs like everyone else. During my competitive years I had to deal with all kind of injuries, finance, relationships etc like you. With me you will not train until you drop or starve yourself to death. It is about take in consideration your lifestyle, stress, time available and come up with a realistic approach to reach the goals in the shortest time possible.

If you are that type of person that results matters to you, chances are that we will both have a great experience working together to achieve your goals. Not much spare time, injuries, age or don’t know where to start are minor obstacles as long as you are willing to give it a go.

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